"I Started Taking FLOW Two Months Ago and Now Have More Energy Than I Have Had In Years."

Nitric Oxide is responsible for many youthful functions in your body:

I rarely if ever do testimonials. Usually I think they are salesy and fake. But this is something different. I started taking FLOW two months ago, one twice a day with food, and now have more energy than have had in years. Consistent. Solid. Don’t have to think about anything but what I want to do as have the energy to do so. Been telling my staff all about it.

Most supplements we take as they are good for us. But we rarely feel an immediate huge difference. This time I do. I am. It’s really a gift so I told Susan I wanted to put this product up on my own Products we love page as I feel so grateful about it.

It’s not as if I didn’t know about nitric oxide. My past time girlfriend Janet helped design another nitric oxide product. I did a randomized trial with it along with the other formulator on dialysis patients. But that product is more expensive. Not organic. And took it for several months and candidly, did NOT feel any different.

I formulated Metagenics first physician’s female line when Metagenic’s first began and Jeff Katke was president. Been in the biz for a long time. Don’t get really “up” about too many things unless the science or the clinical response is quite extraordinary.

That’s how I felt with Flow.

Now… nothing works for everyone. But if you don’t give FLOW a try, you may be seriously missing out.

And… I know… I do adore Susan, the formulator for this product. But that is now why I am sharing my experience. It’s because it’s been a game changer for me and hope it will do that for you, too.


Dr. Lindsey Berkson
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Professor for CME’s for MDs, pharmacists, etc. for A4M, PCCA and more.

Six Month Supply
Just $22.46 Per Bottle

Feed Your Body This One Nutrient For A Smarter Brain And A Stronger Heart

Nitric oxide is one of the world’s most important modern discoveries.

It is a key factor that relaxes and dilates your blood vessels for improved circulation. This helps get oxygen and nutrients to reach and nourish the tips of your fingers and toes, right up into your brain, through your heart and all the way down into your genitals.

Nitric oxide also helps your immune system fight bacteria and damaged cells. Your platelets keep flowing, blood clots are prevented, inflammation is reduced, and healthy cholesterol levels are maintained.

“Nitric Oxide… plays a ubiquitous role in the body in controlling the function of almost every, if not every, organ system,” according to researchers in the Journal of Experiment Gerontology.

“The organic citrulline and nitrates make FLOW the smartest choice for nitric oxide support.”

Dr. Robyn Benson, Founder of The Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Wellness, Regenerative Medicine and Natural Esthetics Expert, GAINSWave Practitioner, O Shot and P Shot Provider, Medical Advisory Board The20, and Host of the Younger with Dr. Robyn Benson podcast

“Nitric Oxide replenishes our cellular energy to slow aging’s relentless march forward. The combination of citrulline and nitrates stacks two pathways for increased bioavailability. And the sheer fact that this product uses organic ingredients makes Flow an excellent choice for a Nitric Oxide supplement.”

Mary Clifton, M.D., Medical Director, Bace Health, Medical Advisory Board, Veriheal, Author, Speaker, Featured in Forbes, Fox News, Parents Magazine, Women’s World and more.


Hundreds of studies prove Nitric oxide may have an important role in preserving our day-to-day health. This single nutrient has been found to help support healthy blood pressure levels, cardiovascular and heart health, cognitive function, increased circulation, and healthy artery function. NO is of vital importance in preserving the structural and functional integrity of the brain.1 NO also changes the computational abilities of the brain.2

Introducing FLOW

Six Month Supply
Just $22.46 Per Bottle


One of the most important things you can do to improve your overall quality of life is increasing the Nitric oxide production in your body.

This is absolutely essential if you want to reset your energy levels, increase your cognitive performance, and enhance your intimate performance.

That’s because, by the time you turn 50, you have only half as much nitric oxide as you had at 20…


Less Nitric oxide means less blood flow.

And that means less oxygen and nutrients delivered to your entire body, especially your brain and heart.

A lack of Nitric oxide has been shown to increase inflammation, oxidative stress, and the development of cognitive health issues.

Getting the blood flowing to your brain with good exercise is vital. And this study explains the importance of endothelial nitric oxide for helping you learn new things (plasticity), replacing aging brain cells with new ones (mitochondrial biogenesis) and creating the stem cells (neuronal progenitor cells) that turn into the new brain and spinal cord cells.3

Dr. Carrie Jones, ND, Medical Director, Gynecology & Endocrinology Expert said:
“Anything you can do to improve blood and oxygen to your brain will only improve your hormones. The reason for that is that your hormones travel around your circulatory system. As your brain makes hormones, it sends it through the bloodstream to your glands down below. When you’re trying to support the brain, please keep in mind the brain functions on blood and oxygen.”

Six Month Supply
Just $22.46 Per Bottle


Both arginine and citrulline are essential amino acids that work in your body to produce much needed Nitric oxide.

However, citrulline is found to be more effective at increasing Nitric Oxide synthesis. Arginine is the low-cost, less effective amino acid found in most nitric oxide supplements.

FLOW does not contain arginine.


Our supplier sourced organic watermelons and organic spinach and fermented these REAL FOODS in tanks specifically for the FLOW formulation.

You get all the benefits of plant-based citrulline.

We then added Vitamin C from organic acerola cherries to increase the absorption of the citrulline.

We combined the fruits and vegetables with pinus pinaster from the maritime pine tree for its circulatory effects. And to increase the sustained release of your Nitric Oxide production, we added N-Acetyl-Cysteine.

NAC is the precursor your body uses to make Glutathione.

3 Blood Flow Boosters

Organic acerola cherries

A study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry showed that Vitamin C significantly increases citrulline absorption.

Acerola cherries contain 50 – 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges, so that you absorb the nitric oxide in FLOW even faster.

And we’ve added N-Acetyl Cysteine, the precursor to glutathione to enhance vasodilation.

“Glutathione reverses endothelial dysfunction and improves nitric oxide bioavailability,” states researchers in the Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology.


NAC is what your body uses to make glutathione, which widens your arteries. Nitric oxide is a gas that is gone in less than a second after your body produces it.

NAC helps nitric oxide stay in your body longer. Scientists in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that NAC enhances the effectiveness of nitric oxide.

Plus Pinus pinaster pine bark procyanidins to further increase blood flow.

“The relaxation of arteries was increased by 42 percent as compared to the group taking placebo tablets,” according to researchers in the Journal Of Hypertension Research.

Pinus pinaster

The tannins of Pinus pinaster, which is also known as Pine Tree bark extract, are a powerful natural antioxidant.

A Japanese study found it increases blood flow by 42%, sending more oxygen and nutrients through your body.

When you take FLOW, the five ingredients we’ve included help your body create more nitric oxide…

… to help reverse the loss of nitric oxide as you age.


“Within A Couple Of Days I Noticed It Right Off The Bat – Fantastic!”

“It’s Really Added To Our Intimate Pleasure.”

“I Like Your Ingredients” “The Idea Of Supporting Circulation Sounded Great To Me.”

“Happy Wife, Happy Life!”

Six Month Supply
Just $22.46 Per Bottle


This is why I have been working with a family-owned corporation in the United States of America run by a husband and wife just like Tim and me.

People who have deep experience creating high-quality ingredients.

People who care about the end product.

People who actively manage their government certifications and independent laboratory testing.

A company run by a couple who stand by the quality of their production.


With just two small capsules a day, you’ll give your body the tools it needs to produce nitric oxide through two different pathways.

When that happens, the results you’ll see will be just short of miraculous.

Day after day, your arteries, vessels, and capillaries will swell with blood…

…flooding your body with life-giving nutrients from your head right down to your toes.

“Susan… have been taking FLOW 2 tabs/day for 10 days — I’m moist just walking around, in bed *alone*.

Does it work that fast?”

— Donna

Lack of lubrication leads to painful intimate relations. The vaginal mucosa does not have any glands. Lubrication of the vagina occurs from blood flow to the pelvic region where the blood plasma seeps through the vaginal cells to moisten the tissue.

“I haven’t changed anything except I just started taking FLOW this month. Every day now I’m wetter, more moist “down there.” Can I get another bottle please?”

— KK


Here’s one IMPORTANT thing. BOOST is gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and non-GMO.


We also use recyclable HDPE which is the smarter and greener choice towards sustainability. Please recycle.


We stand for healthy ingredients that make a real difference.

FLOW is part of a series of intimate vitality and foundational health-related supplements brought to you under the brand, The20.

Our company, “The20” comes from the Pareto Principle. This is the 80/20 rule. This states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

Imagine if you knew which 20% worked! Life would be so much more productive and optimal.

That’s what we do for you.

We go the extra mile to make high-quality ingredients for you, your friends and families. And we put the ingredients that work into our formulations.

Our name is our reputation. We want you to be confident that you are getting the best source of ingredients for all-important daily health and libido support.


We care about all of our customers and know many of them by name. We’d love to know you!

Some of our repeat customers have been “part of the family” for over a decade.

We want to delight you. We want to earn your trust. And we want you to feel healthy and happy.

Experience how FLOW makes you feel. How it makes even the little things better. Notice how it affects your energy and mood. And of course, your lust for life.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the results… we’ve got you covered. Return the unused portion within 90 days of purchase.

Our experienced customer care team will take care of you. They will issue a full refund, minus any shipping and handling fees.

Six Month Supply
Just $22.46 Per Bottle


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